Throughout history, the true visionaries who triggered revolutionary changes or innovations that truly impacted humankind were either initiates of a spiritual culture, or deeply connected and fully attuned to the universe and its hidden principles.

Pythagoras, Hyppocrates, Plato, Su Song, Newton, Leibnitz, Descartes, Cai Lun, Kepler, Ampère, Faraday, Edison, Einstein, Mozart, J.S. Bach, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, to name a few, all have this in common. They understood the principle of sacredness and spiritual/divine connection and held it alive within themselves.

This is one of the reasons why they were able to access absolute beauty and truth in their fields regardless of the discipline.

For the past century, we have seen human evolution and progress being put entirely in the hands of a science and a technology that have no spiritual or sacred dimension, deprived of any higher purpose other than just being faster, stronger, better, cheaper.

We believe that this fundamental separation between progress and higher purpose is at the root of our dehumanized, apathetic and destructive modernity.

By acknowledging universal principles and spiritual rules while operating within their framework, Wisdom traditions benefit from the universe’s gifts and succeed in living in cooperation and harmony with one another and the Earth.

Higher purpose drives their relationship to the world, and each of their actions usually factors in consequences for up to seven generations down the line.

We feel it is time to reconnect with this wisdom, and reintegrate this spiritual angle into the why, the what and the how we create. Let it be instilled in every layer of our society and everything that we do on a daily basis in order to reconnect with global balance, harmony, and greatness.

Informed individuals know that numerous innovations and concepts that could deeply change the world in a positive way have immerged over the past decades.

Most of them have either been ignored, killed in utero or pushed aside. Many of those who have benefited from public exposure have not been financed properly, failed to prove scalability or success or have been stunted for a myriad of other reasons.

The symposium was designed to unite the right people to successfully selectfinance and put to the test  innovative solutions. The support and guidance of high initiates will insure that these solutions are aligned with sacred knowledge and turned into potential global revolutions.

The event is organized around 13 solution-oriented workshops (see the list of workshop topics below). The topics address some of the most important issues facing the planet today, ranging from educational and financial models to sustainable energy solutions and agriculture. The workshops are an opportunity to integrate sacred spiritual knowledge into our modern worldview, thus shifting from a perspective of Separation between humanity and the natural world, to that of Interconnectivity and Oneness.

Real change will not arise from global political consensus but rather from private actions : imagining, financing and setting in motion solutions that can be replicated on a global scale.

The workshop teams are comprised of out-of-the-box innovators, experts, influencers, industry leaders, capital investors and patrons who have already shown how thinking and operating in integrity, openness and respect for Nature and  Mankind is fertile ground for success.

Combining skills, ideas and resources under an Elder’s spiritual framework, enables these teams to come up with new, innovative and pragmatic solutions with a true positive revolutionary potential.

An important criteria for selecting participants is that they are committed to driving change on a global level – people who can transcend limitations, rules and common beliefs, manifest their ideas and achieve major goals in this lifetime.

Every participant’s input is, of course, very important.

As is their capacity to come prepared.

This is why each participant was put in touch with other members of their workshop a couple of months prior to meeting, through a community platform that enabled them to learn about everyone’s background, ideas, skills, resources and to exchange as a group.

As the symposium was only three days long, efficiency and inspiration were of the essence and the entire process continues to be supported, energetically and spiritually.

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An important criteria for selecting participants is that they are committed to driving change on a global level – people who can transcend limitations, rules and common beliefs, manifest their ideas and achieve major goals in this lifetime.

After the symposium, workshop teams will continue to collaborate to implement and test their solution on an adequate scale and prove it to be viable in the short/medium/long term.

Solutions will re regularly reviewed and all viable solutions will then be shared with the world in an open source way under creative commons licenses. Influencers from all workshops will then present the different solutions to private philanthropists, organisations, foundations, regions, nations and continents. They will actively lobby to have these solutions adopted on a global scale for the greater good.

Solutions found non-viable will be adjusted and retested until they are viable or a better solution is manifested.