Le Ciel Foundation’s mission is to restore a harmonious connection between all living beings and systems on a global scale through cultural, spiritual and environmental projects that address Humanity’s disconnection from its spiritual essence and from Nature.

We are a group of dedicated people from all walks of life who answered an urgent call to raise the level of Humanity’s consciousness in order to help usher in a new era, led by harmony, hope, authenticity, unity and collaboration.

The Foundation is a UK registered charity (UK Charity n°1181658) whose first aim was to channel the wisdom of twelve indigenous masters into our modern culture of separation, so that we may return to a way of living and being based on spirituality and oneness with Nature.

Our cooperation principles are inspired by Nature’s ecosystems and are the very essence of our work, as a team and with our partners.

Our Story so far…


The Council of Twelve and Above

In November 2017, twelve Elders gathered at the United Nations in New York for The Council of Twelve and Above.

Together they established a new conscious framework for humanity to reconnect with Nature and with our spiritual essence. The framework acts as a new operating system that gives us all the opportunity to co-create and implement durable and deep changes within our society’s perceptions, perspectives and behaviours.

The Council was in part supported by the Wisdom and Nature art auction, through which the foundation raised $300,000. Hosted by Phillips, it was attended by 500 people at openings in London, Paris and New York.

The Council’s most significant outcome was the identification of twelve areas of work where deep changes are urgently needed. These form the blueprint of the forthcoming Holistic Visions symposium in late 2018.

The Twelve, Feature-length movie

 Le Ciel’s team travelled to Botswana, Ethiopia, Japan,Australia, Brazil, Nepal, Colombia, Mexico, Alaska, Siberia, Gabon and Thailand to find and meet twelve spiritual elders from ancient wisdom traditions. The Elders are all interconnected and each holds a key to a higher level of spiritual knowledge and understanding. Their ability to connect to this level of knowledge enables us to understand our essential nature and change the way we inhabit the world.

As we hope to share their wisdom as widely as possible, our encounter with the Elders has been recorded in the form of a feature-length documentary.

“The Twelve” allows them to express through their own voice their understanding of Humanity’s true purpose. The film will premiere in the summer of 2018.