Le Ciel Foundation is the outcome of a call to action felt by a group of people from many different backgrounds.

We have come together around the core belief that the world cannot be changed without changing people first, starting with ourselves.

We believe that the key to a successful future for all sentient beings can be found in ancient wisdom traditions. These can teach us how to restore harmony and reconnect with Nature, and ultimately to find our essential nature as humans.

We are passionate about contributing to a more ethical, ecological and conscious society and strongly believe in empowering ourselves and others to create positive change.

Carla Bamberger

Chairwoman - British/American

Having worked in radio, the contemporary art business, and serving as a trustee on several charities, Carla deeply connected to Le Ciel’s mission of finding solutions to our problems with a new approach.

This led her to become Le Ciel Foundation’s chairwoman.

Sophie Monpeyssen

Co-founder - French

A multi-graduate expert of the mind and body, creator of the French Federation of Pilates, Sophie leads her life solely from the heart, trying to embody the values and qualities she feels would bring balance and harmony to the world.

Co-founding Le Ciel Foundation enables her to spread her deepest convictions.

Jessie Balfour Lynn

Co-founder - British

Currently studying a Masters in Environment and Sustainable Development at UCL, Jessie co-founded Le Ciel Foundation with the prime motivation of restoring harmony between nature and humanity. This put her on a path for growth and transformation

Olivier Girard

Co-founder - French/American

With an accumulated 22 years expertise in marketing, illustration, design and music production, Olivier’s drive is to help create global positive change in this lifetime.

Co-founding Le Ciel Foundation and trying to live his life in integrity through the prism of the heart is his way of achieving this.

Peter Giblin

Co-founder - British/American

A graduate of Yale and co-curator of international conferences, Peter is convinced that an optimal future for all rests in the union of ancient wisdom with modern technology and scalability. This inspired him to co-found Le Ciel Foundation.

Maciej Sędłak

Co-founder - Polish

A former  paramedic and currently a reflexologist, Maciej set himself on a path of self-exploration hoping others would benefit as much as himself from his experience.

Co-founding Le Ciel Foundation enabled him to find a vessel for his learnings to be shared and spread out.

Sebastian Curtis

Co-founder - British

An English teacher and writer, Sebastian’s passion for the environment and natural world led him to look within and teach meditation.

His call to reconnect Humankind with the universe has found a powerful echo within Le Ciel Foundation, which he is a co-founder of.

Nina Louisa Martens

Co-founder - German

With a desire to find solutions and build bridges through story telling, Nina Louisa has worked as a documentary film maker for the past 14 years.

Within Le Ciel Foundation she has found her place, creating films connecting us back to what it really means to be human and to live together on this earth.

Sam Evitt

Co-founder - British

Owner of several successful companies, and founder of a re-wilding and permaculture organisation, Sam co-founded Le Ciel Foundation to create and be part of an ecosystem that could have a positive impact on the planet.