1- New energies
Finding and implementing the next best step for energy production, distribution and consumption.


2- Sacred sites and architecture
Recognizing that sacred sites are fundamental to the planet and therefore need to be respected, protected and integrated into the planet’s infrastructure and architecture.


3- A different approach to families and communities
From global to local to individual – the reorganisation of community living.


4- Multi-Dimensional perspectives within education
Perceiving the micro, mezzo and macro levels : more interconnected ways of learning.


5- Financial systems
Fair trading in a new world economy.


Bringing innovation and fair use back into the hydrological cycle to bring free and clean water to everyone.


7- The Sacred in reality
8- Seeding global community
New alliances, new governance and the decreasing influence of nation states.


9- Transportation and reforestation
Creating new paradigms to reduce negative impact of transportation and freight on forests and ecosystems.


10- Cleansing the Earth’s biosphere
How to detox and regenerate the land, forests, water cycles, rivers, oceans and air.


11- Love and righteousness
Breaking free from systemic dependencies, building up a sense of true love, responsibility and integrity in order to navigate life purposefully.


12- Integral health
Acknowledging the interconnectivity between mind, body and spirit in diagnostics, treatments and methodologies.


13- Agriculture and permaculture for a new world
Returning to biodynamic, high-yield and sustainable methods of farming.